Efficiency Limited - Samsung Whisper


Whisper is Samsung’s premium range of one-to-one split heat pump air conditioning systems. Designed to be outstandingly efficient, these systems have many additional features not included in other brand systems. It comes in four capacities and all models are ENERGY STAR rated (with high SEER ratings).


  • Unique design draws in more air and ensures air is cooled and delivered faster and further, to reach every corner of your room.
  • The Whisper filter has a special coating to prevent it from becoming contaminated with allergens, viruses and bacteria. This helps remove dust and keep the air in your room clean fresh. Good for persons with asthma or allergic conditions.
  • Whisper systems incorporate self-diagnostic features that prevent it from starting if it senses any problems with the installation.
  • Control your Whisper through your smart phone. Save on your electricity bill by having the ability to monitor, start and stop your system remotely.
  • Corrosion protection significantly improves the Whisper system’s efficiency and lifespan leading to cheaper electricity bills. The system operates efficiently, even under the hottest conditions.

Other Features

  • 2-step cooling – cools you fast, then cools you comfortably
  • Single user mode – use it when you’re alone
  • Easy filter – clean and maintain your filter with ease
  • Good sleep mode – the room temperature automatically adjusts to your body temperature
  • Auto changeover – heats and cools as required to maintain the set temperature
  • Silence mode – reduced vibration and noise levels on the indoor and outdoor units for greater comfort
  • Zero standby power – you continue to save money even when it’s turned off! Samsung Whisper uses an improved control board which uses miniscule amounts of energy when off, resulting in 90% more savings vs. a conventional system